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Choosing Écija means travelling to a lifestyle. It means discovering the union between an ancient and an avant-garde atmosphere in a unique setting. If you go across its streets with magnificent Baroque style buildings, stately homes and convents, you will have the sensation to walk in a cinematographic decoration.
The singular atmosphere of this millenary city shrouds each of its winding allies in a mystic and bohemian ambience. Each of its sites and squares, witnesses of a deep-rooted culture, describe a magic setting.

The magnificent beauty of Écija’s green paths is perfect for routes on horseback. Écija is home to exceptional pure-bred horses, as the extraordinary natural environment is ideal for horse breeding. The city is birthplace of horse herds, horse breeding centres, and a military paddock that have bred some of the best pure-bred Spanish, Arabian, Hispano-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian horses. Horse enthusiasts and horse experts can enjoy amazing equestrian shows.
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Luxury lovers can enjoy an exclusive and varied cuisine in outdoor terraces of different restaurants. These, which are surrounded by loads of artistic elements, are a lovely place to taste the most traditional and innovating cuisine. The gastronomic culture of Écija is the result of the occupation of the Romans or the Arabs. Its geographic position between Córdoba and Sevilla also gives the city a very singular aroma and scent.
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The stately homes of the city offer an ideal accommodation for relaxing and resting. The well-cared interior designs of their gardens, as well as outdoor and indoor pools, make them a perfect place to get away.


Écija Premium
One of Écija’s greatest wealth is its craftsmanship, with loads of examples that range from popular ceramics to fine gold embroidery including leather works, wooden works and forging. The city’s craftsmen offer the clients delicate products elaborated with the wisdom derived from many generations.
Écija is also very trendy. Haute couture lovers have the elegance of the local trends’ collections at their disposal. The designers adapt the most exclusive fashion designs to each client, may it be Flamenco dresses, bride gowns, new-borns, headdresses and many other complements.
Another of the city’s interests in terms of shopping is the wide offer on brands and products. Those enthusiasts of decoration, perfumes or jewellery can choose among prestigious brands, as the shops offer items at the height of the most demanding people.



The city also has a landing point and an air taxi service. It is also possible to reach the city by helicopter. Écija has the necessary facilities to offer both short visits or longer stays. The service is offered by FAASA Aviación. Écija Premium