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Flamenco in Écija

The trajectory of flamenco in Écija has been influenced by different artistic and music trends, such as folk singing, dance and even poetry.

Flamenco in Écija is “autodidactic” in terms of interpreting the old and pure Flamenco. It is a traditional old dance, as we have already celebrated 35 editions of the Flamenco Festival La Noche Flamenca Ecijana, one of the most important Flamenco festivals in Andalusia, in which many celebrities of Flamenco have participated.

We have many Flamenco circles, such as Peña Flamenca Femenina Teresa León, Peña Flamenca David Serrano, Peña Flamenca Antonio Mairena, Peña Flamenca La Plazuela and recently, the worldwide known Bullfighting-Flamenco circle called “Peña del Peña”. This latter Flamenco circle’s name is due to the bullfighter and Ecijan Flamenco singer Paco Peña, father of the young and new talent Flamenco singer Kiko Peña, who is sponsored by the famous Flamenco singer Miguel Poveda.

Flamenco in Écija also includes other contributions such as the Ecijan Flamenco expert Manuel Martín Martín, who has been awarded the national prize of “flamencología”, the study of flamenco music and dance. Songs are also inspired in the lyrics of the sublime poet and singer Manuel Malbaceda.

Besides, numerous artists with recording works and performances at national level, all of them known in our city, must be mentioned: Jesús Suárez, Jesús Heredia, Lucas de Écija, Paco el Clavero, Enrique Fernández Barrio, Pepe León el Ecijano, Teresa León, Lola García de Soria, Esperanza García de Soria, Soledad García de Soria, La Húngara, Paco Peña, Kiko Peña, Fernando Romero, Paco Fernández Barrio, Salvador Gutiérrez, Antonio García hijo, Manuel Gómez Torres, Mª José Gómez Torres, La Chana, Beatriz Rivero, etc.

Finally, we also have to stand out the contributions by all those amateur singers who willingly and without a lucrative desire make our Flamenco art grow every day. Écija has made history in terms of Flamenco.

“PEÑA DEL PEÑA” (Bullfighting-Flamenco Cultural Association)

Live Flamenco shows decorated with bullfighting and Flamenco equipment which offer:

Location and contact: Calle Cristo de Confalón, 27 - Écija (Sevilla) - Telephone number: +34 642 589 791 (Paco Peña)